I thought I should write down my WordPress website building process so that you understand the way I work.

My WordPress website building process

The proposal

The first step in my WordPress website building process is the proposal. I need to know what you are wanting, some sort of brief will help me customise a WordPress proposal suited to your requirements.

  • In my custom proposals, I usually give you two to three options for you to make an informed decision.
  • My proposals are usually quite detailed, you’ll know exactly what you are getting.

If you would like me to put together a customised proposal for your business, contact me here.

The content

You approved the proposal and pay the deposit. I will then start pulling the content off the current site consolidate it into a single document or if you are building a new site I will put together a document that will assist you in providing the content and images I need from you, if there are any content changes you would like to make we can do so in this document.

The preview WordPress website

Once we have finalised the content and I have received images and logos, I will build the site on my preview server for your approval before taking your new site live.

  • If you have any corrections you would like to make to the site I would ask if you could please circulate and consolidate these corrections into a single document for me to work through at this time.

Taking your new website live

Once you have approved the preview site the final 50% payment will be due and I will begin the go-live process.

  • If you have an old website, it will go down for a brief period while I upload files and database (we will schedule this and I will notify you when this is happening)
  • Once your new website is up I will be going through it and doing final on-page SEO tweaks and speed optimizations.
  • I will redirect all previously indexed URLs to their correct pages on the new site.
  • I will then submit the site to Google and set up your sites Google Analytics account (if you would like me to share the analytics with you please provide a google account address I can share it with)

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

Looking for a new website? I’m always happy to help.

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